Michael Schoeff & Dr. Gary Rybka present the 4P’s of Potty Training


Michael Schoeff: “Potty training your pup has surely never been easier!”

Traditional potty training advice assumes that you will be with your puppy all the time. Typical instructions include taking your puppy outside every hour until she’s 4 weeks old, then every 2 hours until she’s 8 weeks old and so on. Michael Schoeff and Gary Rybka have designed a new method to approach potty training

Or, people instinctively do not solve their immediate sleeping area, so make sure that your puppy’s sleeping area is just big enough for him to stretch and turn around. This old concept is doomed to failure for new puppy owners that can’t be with their puppy all the time.

The Pup Pee Poo Palace gives your puppy the opportunity to comply with the rules even when you’re not around, providing positive reinforcement that leads to success.

With the puppy poo palace, your puppy will develop clean habits from the start. Leaving the palace door open whenever you are home allows your puppy to continue putting his good habits by returning to his cage whenever he needs to potty.

It came to Michael Schoeff’s and Gary Rybka’s attention that puppies love to get up on things. They will always find a blanket, share a couch when it’s time to sleep. The puppy poo palace is designed to take advantage of this natural behavior. Even puppies staying in the palace for the very first time instinctively pop up to rest.

Our microwaveable Buckwee Snuggle Pal becomes a warm friend in just 30 seconds and is non-toxic and all natural. The custom canopy creates a comfortable den and reassures your puppy that he is safe. While examining their new puppy, I’ve listened to thousands of owners expressing their concerns and frustrations about house breaking when you can’t be a stay at home parent. Also, knowing that a puppy does not have control over elimination until at least 12 years of age, it is obvious that the confined space theory cannot work, for many puppy owners, heavily used areas are the only option for outdoor potty training. This carries an increased risk of infection for puppies that have not completed their vaccinations or other preventive care measures.

Confining your puppy to a confined area or wrestling with aggravating cage dividers is a thing of the past. The Pup Pee Poo Palace, Michael Schoeff ‘s and Gary Rybka ‘s most prized invention, is a fresh simple solution to these problems. Our design team includes a veterinarian, kennel managers, and experienced puppy owners. We know that providing your puppy with a separate elevated sleep and play area and also access to the designated elimination area are the keys to success. The support you receive with your new Pup Pee Poo Palace allows you to ask potty training questions anytime, anywhere. You can use the DoctorPup.Com forum, LiveChat or InstaVet mobile app. You will also have access to information regarding any other puppy care topic.

Michael Schoeff and Gary Rybka congratulate you and your puppy for allowing the Pup Pee Poo Palace to make potty training simple and clean!

“Myself ( Michael Schoeff ) and Gary Rybka are here whenever you need support. For the best results, have your Pup Pee Poo Palace on your dog’s first day at home.”


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